Southampton Nanofabrication Centre
Southampton Nanofabrication Centre

The SNC is involved with and hosts a range of events related to the research and technology contained in the cleanroom.

Annual Showcase 2010: Nanotechnology for Healthcare

This years Annual Showcase is on Nanotechnology for Healthcare. Nanotechnology is providing new solutions for biomedical research, personalised medicine and diagnostics for healthcare. This one day meeting will highlight recent developments in nano- and micro-technologies that lead to new tools and approaches to healthcare and diagnostics.

WUN Summer School: Nanotechnology for Healthcare

This international summer school, sponsored by the Worldwide Universities Network, provides a comprehensive overview of recent developments in bionanoscience and technology with an emphasis on healthcare applications. Leading experts will cover the basics of nanofabrication and biomolecular recognition before moving on to more specialized topics such as nanoscale biosensors, diagnostics and targeted drug delivery.